About Us

Gaudy Up began as a way for Kim, our Chief Gaudy Officer, to fulfill her jewelry habit. She loves big chunky (dare I say gaudy?) jewelry and was always getting compliments and questions about where she got them.

Sensing an opportunity she began buying 3 or 4 of what she liked, keeping one and selling the rest. Voila! A business was born. Since then she has branched out and finds cute shirts, blouses, tops, and other designs to sell here.

She also does custom decals for laptops, mugs, car windows, etc. that are designed to reflect your unique style.

Fun Facts about Gaudy Up:

  • Aggie owned and operated. WHOOP!
  • Founded in 2011
  • Thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Located in Texas but ship coast to coast
  • Successful Etsy seller
  • Social Media engaged, see links at the bottom of the page to connect.